Barbara Sharief for State Senate


Dr. Barbara Sharief’s life has been one of dedication, breaking down barriers, and service. Each stage has prepared her to take on the tough issues and fight for our community. Join her in the journey to the State Senate.


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Meet Barbara Sharief

Before she was Dr. Barbara Sharief, Broward County’s first Black Female Mayor, County Commissioner and President of the Florida Association of Counties, where she represented all 67 counties in Florida, Barbara was a 14 year old girl who lost her beloved father to gun violence. That tragic event molded her significantly, and it sparked a desire to dedicate her life to service. Dr. Barbara Sharief’s life has been one of constant growth, dedication and breaking down barriers.

Fighting for Our Community

Dr. Barbara Sharief has been fighting for our community for twenty nine years, and she’s not ready to stop. Tallahassee is broken. The political establishment doesn’t understand the struggles of everyday people or what it’s like to have to make heartbreaking choices. Barbara does.

Right now the privileged few make decisions that impact all of our lives. Barbara wants to disrupt that status quo. She is a healthcare professional and a fierce advocate for Medicaid expansion and lowering prescription drug costs. She’s also an entrepreneur; her company employed 500 people right here in South Florida. Barbara is a mom who got into politics by speaking up at local meetings. Dr. Barbara Sharief is the success story that we need more of. From rags to sustainability, she has worked hard to get where she is and wants to help lift up everyone in our community.

With Barbara comes hope for a better and brighter future. She will be OUR State Senator who understands the struggles of everyday people. Dr. Barbara Sharief will ensure we have true representation in Tallahassee, at last.

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