Dr. Barbara Sharief Announces Her Candidacy for FL State Senate District 35

Dr. Barbara Sharief, the first African American woman to serve as Broward County mayor has announced her decision to seek election to the Florida State Senate.

Best known for leading recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma and the fatal shooting at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, Dr. Barbara Sharief is running for an open, newly created seat in State Senate District 35.

“Tallahassee is broken. Our legislative leaders are controlled by big-money special interests and the radical right’s agenda. They don’t understand our struggles. They are assaulting our freedoms and individual liberties, and closing the door on opportunities for families to live better lives,” she says.

She continues, “All of us are shaped by our experiences, and mine were harsh. My father was shot dead at work, a victim of senseless gun violence. My family was thrust into poverty. But we got through with hard work, faith, and the help of a social safety net. Public education was my way up. It led to me getting my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. So, when I saw people at uncaring, corporately run nursing homes struggling to get good health care they could afford, I decided to do something about it. I founded a company that provided home-based, affordable care for children and adults with serious medical challenges— a company that provided jobs for 500 people right here in our community.”

Dr. Barbara Sharief, who is a certified healthcare professional, business owner, and author, started her public service career on the Miramar City Commission, later becoming the Broward County District 8 commissioner, Broward County mayor, and the first African American female president of the Florida Association of Counties. For more than a decade, she represented Miramar and Pembroke Pines, which she says contain 59 percent of the population of District 35. She also served Weston and Southwest Ranches, which encompass another 11 percent of District 35 residents, in the beginning of her service as a Broward County commissioner.

“I have been a proud resident of this district since 2001, and I have represented the majority of people who live in District 35 for 13 years. I want to continue that service in Tallahassee,” says Dr. Sharief.

She concludes, “We need public servants who will fight for the people they serve instead of selling out to big money special interests and the radical right wing agenda. As state senator, I promise to continue working tirelessly to help the people of our community lift themselves up, just as I have for the past 29 years. I humbly ask for your support as we fight together to give Florida a brighter future.”

To learn more about Dr. Barbara Sharief, visit ShariefForFlorida.com and follow @drbarbarasharief on social media. Her campaign introduction video can be found at https://youtu.be/mXn1gsyoQTk.

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