Dr. Barbara Sharief Maintains Strong Lead over Chad Klitzman and Rodney Jacobs Jr in the FL State Senate Race

November 1, 2023

Former Broward Mayor Dr. Barbara Sharief currently holds the majority support to replace term-limited Senator Book, Dr. Sharief’s campaign reveals compelling internal polling results of 236 very likely democratic primary voters that was conducted live between September 7 – 11, 2023. This is the first poll that has been made public that includes all three democrats who have filed for the seat as of October 30, 2023.

When asked about experience “Thinking of the State Senator who will represent you in Tallahassee, which choice would you prefer. Someone with experience serving in previous elected positions like County Commissioner or Mayor or someone new to Tallahassee who has never held elected office?” The results overwhelmingly favored Broward County’s two-time former Mayor Dr. Barbara Sharief (who also served as the Vice-Mayor of Miramar and County Commissioner for over a decade. The democratic primary voters chose experience over an inexperienced candidate by a large margin of 60% for (experience) vs 26% (never elected). This is a telling number as neither of Dr. Sharief’s opponents Rodney Jacobs Jr. nor Chad Klitzman have ever been elected to any political office.

Dr. Sharief said, “Although I consistently lead in the polls, I will persist in campaigning with the same vigor and dedication as if I were in a trailing position“. I have garnered many endorsements from elected officials and community activists, and I owe it to those who have entrusted me with their endorsement to campaign hard and win this election in August. I was recently at Florida’s Democratic Convention in Orlando where I met many activists who encouraged me to work hard so I may go to Tallahassee and fight the republicans who have been passing legislation for far too long that has harmed our most vulnerable Floridian’s.”

When voters were given a choice between the three candidates, the results were a resounding success for Dr. Sharief. When asked the question “As your current State Senator Lauren Book is term-limited and will not run again to represent you in Tallahassee. Several candidates have expressed interest in replacing her. In the Democratic Primary for State Senate from your area for whom would you vote for State Senate Barbara Sharief, Rodney Jacobs, or Chad Klitzman if you had to choose today?” the results were extremely favorable for Dr. Sharief., as she garnered 43% of the vote’s vs 3% for Rodney Jacobs Jr. and 1% for Chad Klitzman. These results are not surprising, given that Dr. Sharief has won many times in numerous elections and has invested millions in her various campaigns. This, coupled with her extensive list of accomplishments as an elected leader in Broward County for many years, makes her a well-established figure in the local political scene.

When voters were asked, “tell me if your opinion of each of the following people is positive, neutral, negative, or never heard of. Dr. Sharief dominated this question, with 44% of the voters having a positive view of her, while only 5% of the voters held positive views of both Rodney Jacobs Jr. and Chad Klitzman. These results convey a clear message about the frontrunner in the polls.

For interview requests please contact Dr. Barbara Sharief at 954-743-9240.