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Endorse Barbara Sharief

Endorse Barbara Sharief

I hereby support and endorse Barbara Sharief for State Senate – District 35.

You may use my name, photo and endorsement in any media advertising and campaign printed material.

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Keith Abel
Alison Adams
Tereatha Allen Akbar
Clyde Ako
Anthony Armbrister
Tangela Arnett
Suzanne Bailey
Felipe Barganier
Andrea Beaumont
Octavia Brooks
Antoine Cabell
Launa Carbonell
Janice Carson
Tyrone Carter
Terresa Chin
Roxanne Chung

Denitrah Colston
Randall D. Cortez
Ruth Dunn
Victor Durosomo
Bevan Earle
Matthew Eaton
Willis Eubanks
Dr. Delica Fayola
Nichelle Gainey
Robert Goltz
Norma Guitierrez
Raja Hayder
David Hinson
Yvette Holt
Georgiana Irby
Kirk Irby
Richard Jones

Naima Kahn-Ghany
Marcos Lopez
Mohammed Markatia
Debra Maye
Dennis Mele
Dr. Mia Merritt
Raymond Molinary
Alyssa Murias
Amanda Murias
Gail O’Kane
Bridgett Parris
Lincoln Pasteur
Keith Poliakoff
Maureen Porras
Hayder Raja
Kartis A. Rolle

Tara Rolle
Brian Rusden
Rachel C. Scott
Natasha Sharee Hampton
Bobbie M. Sharief
Shannon St. Clair
Kim Strong
Nadia Tatiana
Angelo Thrower
Maria A. Valenzuela
Islyn Warner
Brandon Wheelock
Rannis Williams
Kathleen Woods-Richardson

Endorsements from the community

Here's what people are saying about Barbara Sharief...

"A solid and successful businesswoman who cares, which is what we need in Congress."

"Dr. Sharief is the leader we need in Congress. She is a trailblazer and an inspiration to many. I wholeheartedly endorse her."

"Best person for the job! Exactly what Washington D.C. needs!"

"She loves Veterans, she is a caring mother and she works hard for HER PEOPLE!"