Barbara Sharief

Campaign Updates

Tallahassee is broken and does not serve the people of Florida, but special interests and right-wing agendas. Dr. Barbara Sharief personally understands the struggles families here face because she’s lived through them. After her father’s death to gun violence, it was really tough to make ends meet. But Dr. Sharief never gave up. With the help of food banks and working as a store clerk and waitress, she put herself through nursing school. Later, she started her own business where she believes strongly in taking care of her employees, offering them free health care and rainy day savings funds. In Tallahassee, she’ll take care of families and workers like she does her own: fighting for a $15 min wage so you can support your family, paid family and medical leave, and more affordable healthcare. She’ll never stop working for you.
  • Dr. Barbara Sharief knows the importance of a fair election system. She has been a strong advocate for protecting voters’ rights and removing obstacles to voting. In Tallahassee, she will fight against any Republican injustices that make it harder for people of color to cast ballots, making sure the system is fair and representative for all.
  • As a business owner, Sharief understands the importance of the middle class and minimum wage workers, which is why she provides strong health and family leave benefits, including “rainy day” savings funds for her employees to use for any unforeseen expenses. Sharief will work to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and expand family and medical leave benefits for all.
  • Dr. Sharief has served the community for the past 32 years as a nurse and an elected official.